Shore CMS

What we wanted in a content management system didn’t exist, so we built it. Shore CMS combines nearly limitless flexibility in design with insanely simple editing controls for users. We think it’s the best of both worlds.

Visual Editing

Editing with our CMS is pretty unique. Instead of managing images and text on separate admin pages, edits are made directly on the pages themselves. Simply click an area of the site and edit, and see the change instantly.

Modular Design

Every site we design is unique, and so are the controls built for each assignment. If a client needs more control, we create systems for modularity without compromising the design. For Heliotrope Architects we made a tool to add images, change their position, and alter the crop—all in browser.

Custom Widgets

We created Shore CMS to be powerful, allowing us to add custom controls and content blocks for each client and their specific needs. Propel needed a way to edit and add fuel stations via Google Maps, so we created an interface for them to do just that.